We are Ananda

Ānanda is a Sanskrit word that means happiness or eternal bliss. We believe it perfectly describes the feeling you get when riding an eBike or eMotorcycle.

Our Company


We think globally and act locally.

Our company has rapidly grown into a global player in the micro eMobility industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, we operate three production bases in China, located in Jiangsu, Tianjin, and Anhui, enabling us to efficiently manufacture our cutting-edge products. Our commitment to global expansion led us to establish a production base in Vietnam in 2023, further strengthening our manufacturing capabilities.


We have established a production base and service center in Hungary enabling us to better serve our customers. Our overseas office in the Netherlands facilitates seamless communications and support for our European operations. To ensure comprehensive customer satisfaction, we have strategically placed service stations in key locations worldwide, including Italy, France, Japan and USA. More stations will open soon.

We have already reached some important milestones, but the journey continues.

We develop and manufacture in-house.

Ananda is one of the only companies able to manufacture in-house our main products of drive hub motors, gear drive hub motors and mid-motors, but also controllers, sensors, and HMIs for comprehensive eDrive systems. This includes electro-magnetic design and simulation, mechanical design, control systems and algorithms, controller hardware, controller software, and systematic reliability. Furthermore, we are one of the few eBike components companies in China that has our own Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line for Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

We have production capacity to support almost any eDrive project.

In order to support our eDrive customers’ most ambitious projects, we own a wealth of industrial resources, including 11 motor production lines, 2 controller production lines, 2 display production lines, 1 SMT (Surface Mount Technology) production line, and more than 200 automated machines. Equipped with 2 reflow soldering lines, and over 70 automatic coil winding machines, our facility ensures efficient and precise manufacturing of electronic components. Our dedicated team of more than 900 employees worldwide run operations smoothly to deliver excellence in every aspect of our activities. ANANDA Company Presentation – 04 Our Factories

We proudly produce millions of units per year.










Volume leads to efficiency.

Our manufacturing circle encompasses design, testing, purchasing, production, quality control, packaging, warehousing & logistics, and aftersales service to ensure a seamless product journey. Our company maintains authority over every stage of the production process, ensuring quality, efficiency, cost control and adherence to standards. Through bulk purchasing, we actively manage and minimize expenses associated with production, in order to to maintain profitability and competitiveness in the market.

We carry out rigorous testing and quality control measures on our products.

Before we bring our products to market, they go through rigorous testing, both in fully equipped laboratories and in the field. Our facilities are equipped with high quality control measures and intensive testing protocols, including low-temperature tests, ESD tests, temperature rise tests, vibration tests, load shock tests, mechanical shock tests, constant temperature and humidity tests, high-temperature tests, performance tests, torque tests, and salt spray tests

We use 100% FQC & OQC.

Final Quality Control (FQC) involves inspecting finished products to ensure they meet required quality standards before shipment to customers. This includes visual inspections, functional tests, and other quality checks to identify any defects or issues. Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) refers to checking product quality during shipment preparation. This includes verifying intact packaging, correct components, and adherence to specifications. All our products are carefully labeled, including barcodes compatible with any EPR system, making all components easily trackable.

We hold important certifications.

Our products boast prestigious certifications including RoHS, EN15194:2017, and UL2849:2022, ensuring they are free from hazardous substances, compliant with European or US road safety regulations, and rigorously tested for safety. For all our products we make sure that they are compliant according to applicable regulations. We do this in collaboration with renowned institutes like TUV.


All products are certified for material safety.


Our systems have been fully certified to comply with EN15194:2017 standards.


Certification for the US market.

We collaborate with TÜV.

We work with TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) for product testing and certification. TÜV is a renowned international provider of testing, inspection and certification services, particularly in the areas of safety, quality and sustainability. Partnering with TÜV labs ensures our products meet the highest safety and quality standards, giving customers peace of mind and boosting our brand’s credibility in the market. This partnership not only ensures regulatory compliance but also instills confidence in our customers, showcasing our dedication to delivering reliable high quality solutions.



We have over 10 years of experience in R&D focused on eDrive systems.

With our know-how and deep understanding of products, coupled with the dedication of our engineers and their creative ideas, we are setting new standards in technology and design for eDrive systems.


People in the R&D team in our Shanghai headquarters.


Invention patents.


We manufacture by ourselves & provide complete in-house solutions.

We use our Open Eco System concept.

Our Open Eco System (OES) is a framework that promotes openness, interoperability, and collaboration among the different hardware and software components we use. We create ecosystems where various devices, applications and services can seamlessly communicate and work together. Our Open Eco System includes :


Open communication protocol

The use of standardized communication protocols that allow different devices and systems to exchange data and commands effectively.


Interoperability and integration

We ensure seamless integration of various devices, applications and services into a unified ecosystem, enabling them to work together cohesively to deliver enhanced functionality and user experience. (Diagnostic tool / Clouding / Apps / Portal / APIs, IoT / BLE / ANT+).


Hardware and software compatibility

We ensure compatibility between hardware and software components so our consumers have the flexibility to mix and match various products without facing compatibility issues. This interoperability is crucial for creating diverse ecosystems where customers can choose the best solutions for their specific needs.


EU localized data management

Our system is compliant with European Union regulations and standards for data privacy and security. We ensure that data collected and processed within the ecosystem adheres to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements and other relevant regulations, safeguarding user privacy and promoting trust among consumers.

We are your trusted partner for comprehensive eDrive Solutions.

  • Comprehensive eDrive solutions for eBike projects.
  • Open collaboration ecosystem with industry partners.
  • Wide range of specialized standard systems and components.
  • Strong customization capability for more flexibility.

We adapt, support, and assist.

Leveraging our R&D capability, Ananda offers customisation. We customize our products to match your industrial needs and product design, ultimately enhancing your brand value.


We are a system provider capable of customizing eDrive systems for domestic and global customers. We tailor solutions to fit our customers’ specific needs and requests.

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