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Ananda Link


Diagnostic tool tailored for OEMs and retailers

Ananda Link transforms support and maintenance for OEMs and retailers with its comprehensive platform, ensuring superior service delivery. It provides real-time diagnostics and updates to optimize system performance. Dealers can effortlessly access software updates to enhance Ananda systems. Its quick diagnostic feature swiftly resolves issues, reducing downtime. Ananda Link is your essential partner for peak performance and customer satisfaction.


Diagnostic tool

A specialized diagnostic tool designed to meet the specific needs of OEMs and retailers in maintaining product excellence.


Service platform

A dedicated service platform that facilitates seamless interactions and transactions between OEMs or dealers and their customers


Check and Update

Ensure all systems are up-to-date with the latest functionalities through regular checks and updates.


Service Add-On

Enhance your service offerings with additional modules and features that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing setup.


Software Updates

Receive timely software updates to keep your Ananda systems running smoothly and efficiently.


Quick Issues Diagnostic

Rapidly diagnose and resolve issues with a streamlined, efficient diagnostic process that minimizes downtime.



Ananda Link, stands for Ananda Connectivity Tool, is Ananda smart e-bike eco-system. It  is a service platform well addressing software upgrade, system check and diagnosis for e-bike brands, OEMs, dealers, and retailer shops. Ananda Link also reaches  consumer level and provides cyclists with functions of riding data analysis,  navigation, system status and usage statistics.


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