Discover the versatility of Ananda's electric mobility solutions, spanning across a wide range of applications from eBike to eMoped, eScooter, and eMotorcycle. Our innovative components and systems are meticulously designed to elevate your ride, whether you're cruising through city streets or embarking on off-road adventures. Experience powerful performance, extended range, and eco-friendly transportation like never before. Explore our offerings tailored to each application and unlock a new realm of electric mobility with Ananda.


Empower Your Ride with Ananda eBike Systems

Ananda offers bespoke systems to complement every cyclist's lifestyle and unique requirements. Our extensive range of drive systems is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of cycling preferences.
Whether you're a passionate mountain rider craving the power of our eMTB system, a committed road cyclist relishing the efficiency of our eRoad system, or an adventurous explorer embarking on long journeys with our eTrekking system, Ananda has the perfect solution for you.
For urban commuters, our eCity system provides a serene and seamless ride through city streets. And for those in need of robust transportation solutions, our eCargo system delivers dependable power precisely when it's needed most.



Tailored Solutions for Every Ride: Ananda's Versatile eMoto System

Ananda provides a diverse range of customized solutions for eMoto Systems, catering to a wide array of preferences and riding styles. Our lineup features side-mounted, mid-motor, and hub motor options, each offering unique benefits to suit the individual needs of riders.
The side-mounted motor boasts a sleek and integrated design, enhancing balance and maneuverability for a seamless riding experience. Ideal for those who prioritize modern aesthetics and nimble handling, it offers a smooth and stylish ride.
For optimal weight distribution and responsiveness, our mid-motor configuration delivers dynamic performance tailored for both urban commuting and off-road excursions. Offering versatility and precision control, it's the perfect choice for riders seeking agility in any environment.
Meanwhile, our hub motor systems shine in their simplicity and efficiency, delivering robust power with minimal maintenance requirements. Offering reliability and ease of use, hub motors provide a smooth and quiet ride, making them an excellent option for riders who value dependable performance.



Experience Unmatched Power and Efficiency with Ananda's eMoped System

Ananda offers a range of solutions for eMoped systems, boasting impressive power and efficiency courtesy of our direct drive hub motors, ensuring high-voltage performance. Engineered for superior handling, our motors deliver a surge of power to meet a variety of demands.
Our high-efficiency brushless motors feature an optimized magnetic circuit design, achieving up to 94% efficiency for extended driving range. Notable features include robust hub motors, outstanding torque performance, stability, and compatibility with a wide range of rims.
Discover the versatility and performance of Ananda's eMoped system, where innovation seamlessly combines with reliability to offer an exceptional riding experience.



Ananda eScooter System: Performance and Reliability Combined

Ananda's eScooter system stands out for its focus on performance, reliability, and user experience, making it the preferred choice for electric scooter enthusiasts seeking a top-tier ride.
With its innovative flat motor design, this system offers remarkable features including high power output, minimal heat generation, and robust heat dissipation capabilities.
Enhanced by a high-efficiency brushless motor featuring an upgraded electronic control algorithm, riders experience stable power delivery, seamless acceleration, and effortless climbing, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience.

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