How to apply for after-sales service of Ananda products?

Ananda does not provide any after-sales service to the end customers. When you encounter problems, please contact Dealer or Brand from which you purchased our products.

Brand or Dealer can apply the after-sales service through ANANDA LINK WEB, we will contact with you and provide spotless after-sales service.

Brand and Dealer can send e-mail to us, we will arrange specialized after-sales service engineer to keep contact with you to tackle your issue.


What is the website of Ananda online service platform?

Chinese Website:

Oversea Website:

There is multilanguage version supported by our online service platform, you can select the corresponding language according to your requirement.

How to apply for an ANANDA LINK account?

Please send E-mail to, our service team will review. Currently, we only provide account to Brand and their Dealer.

How to find the date of manufacture of the Ananda product?

The serial number and material code of Ananda Motor is sticked on the buttom of outer shell, which can find refer to the picture.

The date of manufacture is the four-digit number of the serial number, such as 2109, which manifests that is manufactured in the ninth week at 2021.

How to get the help manual of Ananda product?

For some common malfunction, we can provide some troubleshooting manual, you can get the document from  Download menu!

When you use our online service platform ANANDA LINK to test your e-drive system, you can also click troubleshooting help menu to gain the solution.

What are the product of Ananda?

The product of Ananda includes motors, controllers, displays, sensors and other electric bike drive systems.

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